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A Mom’s Guide to Self-Care at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club

We all keep hearing about the importance of self-care. Still, as moms with a load of responsibilities, it can be hard to find the right place to take care of your needs consistently. Have you ever wondered, is there any place near me in South Jersey to go for self-care and relaxation? 

As a homeschooling mama of three girls under the age of five, my sanity depends on me finding guilt-free time for myself. Well, I have discovered Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club (CHHRC) to be the perfect place for me to get away during the week. I am grateful to be a new member and blogger at the club, and I’m excited to share my experience with you. 

CHHRC is the perfect place for moms to spend some time working on their health goals, relaxing their minds, and getting a few hours away from the day-to-day grind. Here are a few ways that the club can become an oasis for your life. Self-care

1. Drop your children off for two hours of high-quality childcare at The FunZone.  

The FunZone is the name given for the on-site-childcare center. The caring staff created a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for children as young as six weeks old. When you walk into the area, you get the vibe of a warm and fuzzy daycare center, with labeled cubbies for snacks, diapers, and belongings. There are consistent workers on staff, so you can get to know them well and build trust in this family-like atmosphere.

Children can experience a variety of games, puzzles, and toys while you participate in some guilt-free time, knowing that your children are well. Additionally, they offer small group classes for children ages 3-6 to help them to run out their energy and work on their athletic skills. My daughters (ages 3&5) look forward to participating in KidFit, an open gym class with group games, balloon play, and jump rope. Unlike many of the gyms in South Jersey, The FunZone stays open through lunch. No need to worry about nap schedules or other activities getting in the way of maximizing your gym time. 

Finally, many of the care providers at the FunZone have been working there for 10+ years. This experience means everything when it comes to leaving your little ones without you in a new environment. I dropped my 1.5 -year-old off expecting the usual phone call after ten minutes of her screaming for mama. I was amazed at how smoothly she transitioned and how they handled her initial discomfort. These ladies know what they’re doing! 

2. Sign up to take an invigorating Pilates Reformer class.

The club offers a variety of classes to tone up, get your cardio on, and overall feel like a strong and powerful mom. But, my favorite class so far has been a 45-minute Pilates Reformer class held for a small -group at a time. Despite the giant Reformer Machines, the atmosphere of the room is surprisingly relaxing. With wine-colored walls, soft music, and low-glowing lights, I walked into the room and immediately let out a sigh of relief.        

When you first see the Pilates machines, it can be a little intimidating. They are pretty massive and bulky, and you wouldn’t necessarily know where to even begin. My instructor, Heather, took the time to introduce me to the goal of the class and set my mind at ease. Throughout the workout, she checked in with me to ensure that I was comfortable using the machine, and we made adjustments when needed. Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club Pilates Room

The class feels like a mix of ballet, yoga, and an intense core workout. As the instructor slowly guides you through the exercises, you take deep breaths and let go of tension. The movements are precise, yet powerful. You work on the whole body from neck to ankle and use the machine to help guide your actions. I left the session feeling stronger and relaxed. It is a refreshing experience that I recommend to any tired mama. 

3. Take a breather in one of the gyms designated quiet spaces. 

If you need to take a break and quiet down the noise, you can enjoy some of the calmer and less intense areas to help you stay well. 


My favorite place to drown out the overwhelm is relaxing in the sauna. I love to turn off the lights and zone out while detoxing my body. If a workout has been intense, I head to the sauna to help relieve the tension in my muscles. I’ve noticed more peaceful sleep since beginning regular sauna sessions, and I am grateful for the few minutes of silence. (Also known as 10 minutes without a rambunctious three-year-old!) 

Women’s Only Fitness Center: 

If you love working out on your own, but want to avoid the business of a gym floor, pop into the women’s zone for your workout. The room is fully-equipped with a spin bike, freestanding weights, treadmills, weight machines, and more. The studio is both spacious and welcoming. 

This judgment-free-zone has been great for me as I get more comfortable with using gym equipment. You won’t find a space like this in all gyms, but it helps to enjoy the amenities of a full workout with the feeling of a private gym. 

Massage Therapy:

This last tip goes without much explanation. CHHRC offers in-house massages in a beautiful and relaxing space. It is a way to indulge in self -care while still maintaining your routine. This additional service can be added on while your children are enjoying the FunZone, and you are taking some time for you. Go and get a massage, girl! 

With so many opportunities to work on your health goals and relax, you should stop by the club. And if you are a mom in South Jersey looking for more ways to care of yourself in our area, join our conversation on Facebook in the South Jersey Moms Community. 

Our Guest Blogger: 


Christina Acosta-Martinez is a passionate community builder for moms, wife, mama, educator, and  faith-driven leader. 

She founded Growing Up Gorgeous, LLC to provide a diverse community of mom’s with a one-of-a-kind support system. Currently meeting in  South Jersey, this group of women spend time laughing, crying, learning, and sharing their dreams. 

She is proud to host unique local events that are known for providing authentic relationships, beneficial resources, and self-care experiences for moms in the area.

Christina and Miguel have been married for seven years. When she’s not chasing her three girls  (5, 3 & 1) she is learning how to cook plant-based meals and taking long walks through the aisles of Target.