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Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club Comes to YOU!

Recently, our local elementary school had an evening “physical education” night. Open to all students, and their siblings, I legit did NOT want to go to this night. I mean, I spend all day working, then pick my kids up from school and, by that time, I usually would love nothing more than to do…nothing. This particular night, though, my kids were all revved up and excited for this evening school activity, so, when I picked them up from school, I fed them a quick dinner and we all headed back to school after.


Don’t get me wrong, I love our elementary school, but, when we arrived at the school that night, I was totally expecting my kids to “just” participate in what would be similar to an extended time physical education class. Oh, how pleasantly surprised I was when I showed up and realized that the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club was involved. (sidenote: had I read the flyer that was sent home, I would’ve realized this, too, but…#momlife).


YOU GUYS! Did you know that the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club does activities outside of their location?! I DIDN’T!!


My kids had the time of their little lives that night. For about an hour and a half, five trainers from the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club led a group of elementary school children in the most amazing group activity class possible. I mean, these kids were doing zumba, they were doing kickboxing (well, modified…they weren’t kicking each other, thank goodness), they were squatting, hopping, moving & grooving. It was awesome. The trainers kept the kids moving the entire time and EVERYONE was having fun. Even siblings and parents were invited to join the activities. I did join in on the first activity, but, since I was not expecting parents to be able to participate, I had come dressed in winter boots and fleece-lined leggings, and a sweatshirt…not the optimal workout outfit (although, it did get me sweating!)


All in all, it was an awesome night and a night that my kids have been talking about since. I’d definitely call this evening activity a success!


You know what? Your kids could experience the same night of fun because Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club loves to give back to the community. Your family health club since 1971 (how many local health clubs can say they’ve been in business almost 50 years?! Amazing!), the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet club is available for all sorts of community events such as physical education nights like I described, events with youth groups, family groups…you name it! Not interested in physical activity, but want to learn through a lecture? CHHRC can do that. Interested in demos? CHHRC can do that, too!


Even better? This service is FREE. Yep. You read right. How sweet is that?


If you would like to set up something for your school or community group, definitely get in contact with the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club Marketing Director, Lisa Alberta at 856-429-1388, extension 131 and let her know you heard about this awesome outreach program through this article!



Elizabeth Dukart is a proud born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 boys.

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