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Hi, my name is Eliza, I’m 36 years old, and I hurt my hip. How did I hurt it? We don’t know. We will never know. But I took a dip into old lady territory and it was rough! Be nice to grandmas.  At the recommendation of basic common sense, I took it easy for a while and enjoyed(?) some gentle independent workouts on the main floor. I chose the elliptical because it’s low impact and didn’t make me feel like I was being murdered in the hip. Great option for anyone with mystery joint issues! But guess what… you have OPTIONS! 




This one is my favorite. It’s very smooth and the Quick Start function is easy if you just want to move and not do laborious data entry. 








This one has a slightly different posture/stance and makes you feel kind of fancy. Enjoy some Teen Mom 2 on the television because apparently that’s the *only* show on MTV these days. In my day, we watched actual music videos (oh no the hip injury has permeated my personality).








Yes another Precor. This one has a more classic shape and puts you into a running posture/movement. Try the interval settings and then feel less horrible about a small serving of ice cream later on!









This one is apparently a “cross trainer” and involves more upper body than some other similar machines. Who knew! This is my second most favorite.









Hot tip: do not try this if your hip hurts.

PS, if your hip DOES hurt, check out TheraSport Physical Therapy right inside the Fitness Center. The staff is amazing and they’ll get you in the road to recovery!