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I Am Not an Athlete

I don’t think I’m an athlete.


At least I’m not the person my brain envisions when I think of the word “athlete.”


I’m not Carly Lloyd. I’m not Kelsi Worrell. I’m not Mike Trout. I’m not Mr. Julie Ertz.



But I’m also the girl that did a dumb thing and signed up for a half marathon.


I’ve worked plenty of traditional jobs in my life where I’ve been responsible for showing up at a certain time and having assigned projects that needed completing before I could clock out at a certain time. I’ve sat in classrooms with set lecture schedules and exams that need to be proctored. I’ve done plenty of normal human being things that require a degree of accountability to others. In hindsight, those days were easy.


The past 10 years of my life have been a bit less structured. I’m a freelance writer, have owned my own cleaning business, was a commission-based salesperson, and am going to college completely online. There are some things that hold me accountable – if I don’t submit a story, I don’t get paid. If I didn’t sell a product, I didn’t get paid. If my GPA falls below a certain number, I risk being asked to leave the program I’m in. If I choose not to put in the work, I am choosing not to reap the rewards. And there is absolutely no one other than myself that can make those choices for me.



When I was a swimmer and cheerleader, I was on teams with coaches and set practice times and team pictures and scheduled competitions and ribbons and trophies and uniforms and structure. These days, if I don’t go for a run, there’s no one at the track wondering why I didn’t show up to practice. I don’t have a uniform. I don’t have regularly scheduled meets. I fit in my training where I can fit it in around work and school and my family. If I show up to the half underprepared, it’s nobody’s fault but my own. If I don’t put the work in, I don’t get paid.


Imposter athlete.



I don’t think I’m an athlete-athlete. I am a freelance athlete.


I send my intended workout schedule to Kelly H every week. I print out my meal plan and post it in the kitchen for the family to see. I lay in the middle of the living room floor in a dress doing IT band stretches while I watch the Phillies game. I am consumed every minute of every day with the idea of having to be an athlete to make it through this half marathon. A great quote I just heard today was, “You have the day off from activity, but you do not have the day off from being an athlete.” At the end of the day, if I don’t cross that finish line, the only person I’m failing is myself. I’m not letting down a coach or a team or a school or a club. Just me. If I don’t put the work in, I. Don’t. Get. Paid.


I wasn’t kidding about the stretching.


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