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Pilates: Do It Today, Feel It Tomorrow.

Here’s Dana, showing us how it’s really done!


I always bring three items with me to the gym: water, a towel and music. And like a shoobie who rolls into Avalon with an open bag of Herr’s and an unwrapped turkey Shorti (have at it, seagulls!), I unknowingly brought all three of those things to my first Pilates reformer session…none of which I needed.


That’s because Pilates is the kind of exercise that feels like you’re barely exercising. Sure, I breathed intentionally, balanced awkwardly and slid left-to-right while pulling in my core and pointing my toes, but did I break a sweat? Nope. Did I need water? Not really. And music? Please. Dana’s manning a straight-up zen den in there.


But let’s talk about how I felt the next day. In a word, sore. Like, how-did-she-target-that-teeny-tiny-muscle-in-my-hip? sore. Like, sitting-up-in-bed-involves-moaning sore. When I finally managed to stand upright and start moving once again, I noticed that I felt taller, and dare I say, a touch more graceful. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. But don’t tell my elongated neck and taut torso that, okay?


And while one session hasn’t given me the sleek stature and fluid lines of the teenage ballerina who stretched and strengthened alongside me, it has made this Pilates shoob think twice about becoming a resident attendee.


If you have never tried Pilates, CHHRC offers a complimentary one hour session to all members!

Call today to schedule your session, or stop by Membership Services the next time your at the club.