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Valentines Day

In Honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share the reasons why I love CHHRC. When my gym closed last year, I never thought I would find a comparable gym. My old gym was a caring, social and family friendly environment. I looked around at several local gyms and nothing compared to my old gym until I walked into CHHRC. I knew right away this would be my new gym. The staff was friendly, the Fun Zone (child care) was perfect for my son and the variety of classes was amazing. I think finding a gym you really love is important for many reasons, including staying motivated and focused on your fitness goals. Here are the reasons why I love CHHRC:



Options: there are many options at CHHRC as far as what kind of workout you are looking for. They have a full-sized gym, tennis, youth fitness, basketball, exercise classes, karate, Racquetball, futsal, pickleball, volleyball, and the Parisi Speed School (The Cherry Hill Parisi Speed School successfully enhances individual/team athletic performance in tennis, basketball, football, hockey, track—any sport requiring speed, agility, flexibility and a strong mental game).


Family Friendly Environment: one of the reasons I love CHHRC is the ability to take my son with me and trust that he is in good hands. He really enjoys his time in the Fun Zone. He loves to go and play the Wii and loves all of the staff that works there. He also loves the PKFit Kid classes. PKFit Kid workouts are designed to get kids fit, keep them engaged with fun games, and teach them progressive movement skills. The FunZone is very affordable and the packages are available for purchase or you can add unlimited childcare passes to your membership dues.


Staff: every time you walk into the doors at CHRRC you are greeted by the friendliest staff. I have seen many grumpy gym staff members at previous gyms. They really care about the members and are there for anything you may need at the gym. The trainers are very friendly and never come across as intimidating. Most big gyms have trainers that come across as sales people. They do not do this here.


Member Appreciation Week: Every year, CHHRC takes time to show love to the members by celebrating Member Appreciation Week. During this time, they have free coffee, smoothie samples, raffle prizes, free massages, and you can also bring a guest to any class. I have never seen a gym go above and beyond like this for their members.


Class Variety: The variety of fitness classes at CHHRC is amazing. I just started taking a few of the classes and can’t wait to share my feedback with you all! I have always been a little afraid of group classes but everyone there has made me feel super welcomed and not so out of my element. They have cycling, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, and even MOSSA classes. With decades of experience developing professional fitness programs, several of CHHRC instructors are MOSSA certified and teach these amazing classes that guarantee results for everyone from brand new exercisers to serious athletes.


I am so happy this place exists, finding a gym you love is so important.  

Come by and visit and see what the love is about – they will even give you a free 3-day pass!