June 2019

Take accountability for your fitness goals with our Cherry Hill gym


Accountability.   It seems to be the one thing everyone says they need more of, and the thing we most easily give up on.   I’ve had accountability buddies at work, in fitness, while pursuing my degree… and yet here I am writing a blog post when I still...

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Namaste Yoga classes at our Cherry Hill gym

Go with the flow

Long before Gwyneth Paltrow bequeathed us with her brand of soupy-goopy wellness, yoga permeated the zeitgeist. (Don’t believe me? Ask your bra-burning aunt. You know the one.) And while Ms. Uncoupling herself, along with lululemon and about 1.5M other Instagram influencers have sung its praises,...

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Learn about "mom guilt" and personal training in Cherry Hill

Mom Guilt

How many of you can relate to this?   We have had my son in baseball since he was three (basically against his will!) Every time, he would get up to home plate to hit he would never know what to do, it would be like...

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Get personal training and a gym membership in Cherry Hill

Thin vs. Strong

I have never been a “thin” person. Even at my skinniest, I don’t think I ever wore smaller than a size 8. And ever since I had my second baby, I lose weight at a snails pace. We’re talking, like one or two pounds a...

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How to motivate yourself at the gym

When it’s easier to go dark

Back in January I was so excited. I was ready to finally make a long-term commitment and change my life. I was back at work full-time. I was going to finish my Bachelors. I was going to the gym and working with Kelly and squeezing...

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