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No Human is Limited   Before I went to bed Friday evening, I made a mental note to check Kipchoge’s time as soon as I woke up. I went on to have a dream about him literally throwing himself over the finish line at 1:59:59, laying on the ground asking...

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Pilates classes in Cherry Hill

Consider me REFORMED!!!!

      If you know me, you know I am a creature of habit.  I love yoga and dancing. In the summers, I hike around my camp all day.  Those are the things that I have committed to to get my blood flowing. So...

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Ten Non-Scale Victories We Love

When people first think about working out, it's usually because they want to lose weight. But what happens when the pounds don't fall off as quickly as we hoped? Shifting your perspective to measuring your success in non-scale victories is the best way to quit...

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Sweating in the USA!

Don't let the Fourth of July derail your fitness goals! If you can't make it to the club for one of our classes, fire up this Independence Day mix and get in a training circuit before you hit the BBQ circuit. Have a happy and...

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Five Reasons to Frequent a 5:30AM Class

5. Motivating instructors. Think big, hearty good mornings, well-timed words of encouragement, pulse-pumping playlists and knowing smiles when your uncaffeinated body lacks a bit of (ahem) coordination. 4. Energy out the wazoo. There's nothing like an hour of spinning, core work, or a HIIT-barre mash-up to...

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Cherry Hill gym and adult fitness classes

I Am Not an Athlete

I don’t think I’m an athlete.   At least I’m not the person my brain envisions when I think of the word “athlete.”   I’m not Carly Lloyd. I’m not Kelsi Worrell. I’m not Mike Trout. I’m not Mr. Julie Ertz.     But I’m also the girl that did a dumb...

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