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Family Yoga at CHHRC

Family Yoga???? Yes, we will love that. Oh wait, I will love that, everyone else will tolerate that. Oh wait my husband and son already have plans great it’s a mommy daughter date. Oh wait she thinks yoga is fro-yo SORRY. 






Marcie & Medi BFF
So after some persuasion and hype, Marcie (4 years old) and I (unsure of my own age) got ourselves to the first Family Yoga class. Our instructor, Laura, was magical. One of those people who just instantly captures the attention of children and engages them right into action. How does she do this? This is a question I would like answered. Immediately. With details.  
Our class was a perfect mix of fun for kids and practical for the adults. We had ages 4-8 in attendance, Marcie being the smallest. Her attempts at Tree Pose and Warrior 2 were hysterical. Happy Baby and Childs Pose came a little more naturally. But my little Miss “Can I Stop Doing This Now” Marcie did the whole thing! All of it! Exercise! Yay! Next stop: eat something other than Pizza! 
Laura had a teddy bear, Medi (short for Meditate) who did all the poses and the kids enjoyed passing around. She had other props and accoutrements that helped the kids focus and stay engaged. And the projected stars during Shavasna might have been “for the kids” but I’m not gonna lie I was fully living for it.


You need to check this class out! We will be at the next one for sure… come with!


Yas yoga!












TFW you look though your legs and see this.











Me and my yogini!



Big smiles for cooperative poses.