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Feeling the Burn…out!

A lot of people complain that the Christmas Holiday season is the busiest time of year, but I tend to disagree! Between baseball games, piano lessons, dentists and doctor appointments, planning for Summer Camp…Spring is definitely the craziest time for our family!


This year, I kicked off the Spring season with a cleanse. I was eating right, losing weight and feeling great….. but I wasn’t exercising. So, with my son as my motivator (he begs to go to Parisi every day!) I have no excuse NOT to work out. I have discovered that I NEED to exercise at least 3 times a week to not have old-lady pains (if you haven’t read Eliza’s HIP blog, you can check it out here).  Going to a gym as a family makes that possible.

On days without baseball or meetings or obligations, my family packs up and heads to the gym. I make my little guy dinner and he eats at the Fun Zone, while my 8 year old builds his self-esteem and athletic ability at Parisi. My husband goes and does his thing and my new passion is MOSSA Centergy. Group Centergy is an athletic mind-body program including fundamentals from yoga and Pilates set to emotive music.​ Check it out every Tuesday and Thursday!

Now if only I had a CHHRC solution for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed and burned out! But there is a silver lining!Our Disney Trip is right around the corner. I started preparing extra early and I’m making pretty good progress. So, here’s to pushing through for family fun!