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Are you ready to create a positive change in your life and make fitness a regular habit? Join our FIT-30 program today! You will be guided every step of the way with some of South Jersey’s most knowledgeable trainers.


  • Receive a comprehensive, one-on-one initial and final assessment with a fitness consultant and trainer.
  • Assessments are held the WEEK BEFORE the program starts. Monday, September 17 – Sunday, September 23rd
  • The program itself runs from Monday, September 24 – October27th
  • Team up with other people (at your same level) in energetic and motivating group classes.
  • Challenge yourself with dynamic, fat-shredding workouts 2-3x per week for THREE weeks.
  • Workout for free at CHHRC for the entire month long program!
  • The best part: the entire program is FREE!

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Terms & Conditions

Must be 23 or older. Agree to follow a supervised 30-day training program with moderate exercise for 60 minutes, 2 times per week. Not be exercising regularly. Not be a current CHHRC member or CHHRC program participant in the last six months. Former Fit 30 participants not eligible. No medical condition that prohibits you from exercise. Other terms and conditions may apply. Registration ends Sunday, September 23rd, 2018.