Functional Training

Why Functional Training?

Functional training is a high intensity workout that readies muscles for everyday activities such as lifting, lunging, squatting, bending, tugging and twisting. Functional training strengthens your core, and a strong core improves your balance, stability and flexibility. Functional training aides in the prevention of many sports related injuries and serves as a great way to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

At the Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club, we offer TRX — a suspension system that utilizes your own body weight for the workout. TRX, or Total Body Resistance Exercise, uses straps attached to a stationary point. The straps can be adjusted to change your position and increase or decrease the workload.

QUEENAX – The Ultimate Functional Training

The Queenax is Cherry Hill’s newest addition in our functional training program. Queenax is a ready playground for pushing, pulling, and playing your way to fitness, making exercise fun by adding an element of play to your favorite routines. From core work to resistance training to high-intensity intervals, this carefully designed comprehensive workout builds endurance and targets every major muscle group while defining your body from head to toe. There are over 300 exercises that can be done with the Queenax!

Whether you are looking for a weight loss solution or an additional exercise to round out your physical fitness program, functional training is perfect for every fitness level.

Say good-bye to boredom once and for all: enjoy Queenax classes (included in your membership) using the 4D PRO®, and UFO – just a few of the unique apps which make up the Queenax!

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