Cardio Classes

Our cardio classes will get your blood pumping while torching calories! Regular cardiovascular workouts can make a fundamental difference in your life. Health professionals have noted time and time again that cardiovascular exercise aids and maintains weight loss; decreases your risk for health problems and diseases; improves your mood; and boosts your energy level. Regular cardio workouts will even help you sleep better at night! And since you’ll feel better about your appearance as you work to burn calories and burn fat, your self-confidence will also improve.

The decision to attend cardio fitness classes regularly is one you won’t regret. At Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club, we have plenty of classes from which to choose. If you’d like to hear how others have benefited from our fitness classes, check out our Membership Testimonials page. You can also view our current class schedule or request more information.


PiYO Live! is a strength-building and stability class that challenges flexibility and builds long, lean muscles through movements inspired by Pilates and yoga, incorporating musicality and motion. Experience hard-core results with this low-impact, high-octane workout!

B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. Up Fitness©

Boot camp. Resistance. Yoga. Cardio. Kickboxing. Endurance. Dance. B.R.Y.C.K.E.D. Up Fitness© challenges you in an eclectically styled fusion workout, taking you beyond the next level. This ultimate combo encompasses sets of cardio kickboxing; speed and agility work; endurance training; resistance training with bands; core and balance work; and dance. You’ll be blasting calories, boosting stamina, building muscle and busting a move!


A high-energy class combining cardiovascular and muscular endurance exercises including abdominals and stretching. The cardio interval will incorporate high- and low-impact options. The conditioning segment will help you increase strength and tone muscles using bands, dumbbells and body weight exercises.

Circuit Training

Move swiftly from one weight-training machine to the next, raising your heart rate while strengthening targeted muscle groups. Sessions run 40-55 minutes and conclude with core exercises. Marvel at your progress in weeks!

Lourdes Wellness Body Sculpting

Burn calories while improving muscle tone, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility in this all ages and all levels class series. Experience a heart-healthy cardiovascular class that will help you reach your wellness goals, while boosting energy levels to become a more balanced and effective performer.

Strengthening and Toning

This is a high-intensity, low-impact workout combining boxing, Pilates and Kick Bags. Boxing drills increase your heart rate, maximizing calorie burn; Pilates provides six principles to center and balance, challenge and strengthen the core; and weighted gloves help define and enhance strength. Let’s get fit!