Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation

The health benefits of promoting a positive mind-body connection have been proven. At Cherry Hill, we seek to further holistic health for our members. Discover how these practices can round out your fitness in ways you never knew you were missing!

Level I Tai Chi Chuan

This class will focus on building a strong foundation and learning the basic principles of Tai Chi Chuan. Our practice will be centered on Section 1 of the 108 Long Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan form. Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese internal martial art, consisting of a series of slow, flowing, meditative movements that massage, energize and balance the internal organs. It combines breathing movement in a meditative state to promote and restore health. The slow graceful movements of Tai Chi increase strength and flexibility while improving balance and circulation. Tai Chi emphasizes greater stretching and turning in each of the movements in order to gain these and other benefits.

Transforming Stress into Vitality

Come learn amazing ancient Chinese secrets about how to remove stress and negative emotions from the body (de-weeding your garden), instill positive virtues and restore vitality (planting the flowers), and open up the major energetic pathways (micro- and macro-cosmic orbits) to the body (nurturing your garden, watering, making sure it gets enough sunlight, preventing weeds from creeping back in). These Three Meditations are the Taoist Foundation for all other advanced meditative practices.