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1900s. Started by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German immigrant in Britain, Pilates began taking off during World War I. Since then, Pilates has become a worldwide phenomenon. With numerous variations and equipment, every Pilates class can be completely different from the last one. Here at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club, we offer some of the best Pilates classes in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Whether you’re a seasoned Pilates enthusiast, or you’re looking to take your very first Pilates class, we offer Pilates classes that are perfect for all ages, genders, and skill levels.

Pilates have been known to help improve range of motion, flexibility, balance, posture, circulation, and overall strength. This makes Pilates one of the best complementary exercises for sports like tennis, golf, of just basic running in general. Here at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club, we have some of the best local Pilates classes in Cherry Hill. Our Pilates Reformer Studio has some of the best Pilates machines around, helping to give you the perfect workout every time. If you’re looking for Pilates training in Cherry Hill, then CHHRC is the perfect place for you. Our instructors are all highly trained and can help anyone at any level enjoy Pilates to their fullest potential.

Choose from one-on-one Pilates classes, or group fitness classes. Both offer their own unique benefits, so trying both to find your favorite is highly encouraged. Here at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club, we offer some of the best fitness classes in Cherry Hill. We have youth fitness classes designed to help young athletes develop speed, strength, flexibility, and more important traits designed to help them become amazing athletes. With our women’s fitness center, you can train in a safe and encouraging environment with other like minded women. We also offer tennis lessons for all ages as well as sports like basketball, futsal, racketball, pickleball, and more! Contact Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club to learn more about our Pilates classes, and sign up for any of our fitness classes today!

For additional information on Pilates at Cherry Hill, please contact Kelly Hasbrouck Lindh at khlindh@chhrc.com or 856-429-1388 x172.

Meet Our Trainers

Dana Iacullo

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Certified Fitness Instructor Conditioning & Metabolic Training Certified
  • Cardio Dance Instructor
  • Kickboxing Instructor
  • Indoor Cycling Instructor
Dana is a an ACE certified group fitness instructor and personal trainer specializing in functional mobility training. She also LOVES to dance! Check the group exercise schedule to try out one of her Cardio Dance classes. Other certifications include sports conditioning, metabolic training, barefoot running, kickboxing, yoga fundamentals 1 an 2, and boot camp gold. With 20 years spin experience, come check out her rocking spin class where music and power are the focus. With a passion for nutrition and fitness Dana doesn’t only coach, she prac-tices healthy living in her everyday life. She hopes to spread her passion to her clients and help them become the best they can!

Melanie Macko, Personal Trainer

  • Pilates Reformer 1 Certified
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Performance Specialist
  • ZUMBA & Kickboxing Instructor
Melanie has been involved with professional fitness for over 15 years. Her enthusiasm and skill found her directing individuals, groups, and gyms. As a strength and conditioning coach, Melanie has trained hundreds of Division I athletes, as well as teams. She has designed and delivered the preseason training program that was published by West Chester University. Melanie is a graduate of University of Delaware where she competed in Women’s Boxing at the amateur level. Melanie is surfing enthusiast. She has competed since high school and after graduating from UD, she moved to Costa Rica and taught swim lessons.

Here’s what our members are saying about Pilates at Cherry Hill:

“My sciatic pain is completely gone!” Penny S.

“I find myself firming up, which is great!” Alisa M.

“Pilates has helped to stabilize my torn rotator and alleviate back pain.” Kay G.

“Pilates has given me the strength and flexibility that I thought I’d never get back after three pregnancies.” Chris R.

“I’ve noticed more stability and strength in my core. It’s fun!” Elaine P.

2016 Outstanding Facility!

This national award recognizes excellence in construction and/or renovation of tennis facilities throughout the country. Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club (CHHRC) is the only facility among the winners that includes a full health club.

“We are honored to be recognized for such a prestigious national award,” Bill Lemanski, General Manager, CHHRC, told Club Industry.

“But it’s well deserved from our owner to maintenance. Everyone puts in so much time and effort to keep up a high standard and the members happy. Everyone is doing the little things, and overall it adds up and makes us an outstanding facility.”

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