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Junior Tennis Lessons at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club

Have you considered putting your younger child into sports training? Programs for children ten and under are increasing in popularity as parents recognize the benefits of getting little ones to listen to directions, move their bodies, and get a jump start on their athletic skills. 

I had no idea that even my four-year-old would benefit from taking Junior Tennis lessons at Cherry Hill Health & Racquet Club (CHHRC). The newly revamped program progresses with children from three to ten years old. The unique design of the classes allows for younger kids to experience tennis in a simple way that can be adjusted as they grow older. Everything is developmentally appropriate and tons of fun. 

The Acosta-Martinez girls enjoying Junior Tennis Lessons with their instructor at CHHRC.

Our First Class:

My two oldest children were so excited to try our very first tennis lesson at CHHRC. We took some time to watch Venus & Serena Williams for some inspiration before their first class! When we arrived at our first lesson, our instructor was welcoming and set the tone for a fun and engaging environment. Younger players practice on a smaller tennis court, and the girls did a quick lap around to get warmed up.  

Not only is the court smaller, but the entire program caters towards younger players. They utilize a lower net so that children can see their opponent. My children were able to hold the tennis racquets with the correct form because of their smaller size. Additionally, large and soft tennis balls help to prevent injury and support hand-eye-coordination. CHHRC has considered the younger player when preparing this unique program. 

After their warm-up, they were lead to their spots and began learning about proper form. The instructor demonstrated for them how to hold their arms, where to place their feet and where to look. I couldn’t help but smile at their enthusiasm as they took their first swings at their imaginary targets. They were squealing with delight! The class was quickly shaping up to be fun and challenging as they were encouraged to listen carefully to instructions and take their time with their movements. 

Finally, they begin to try and hit the large tennis balls coming at them slowly. The instructor pushed them to continue to use proper form and to keep their eyes on the tennis ball. The misses were frequent and hilarious. But as they kept trying and adjusting their swing, they each began to hit the ball consistently and with increased force! It was incredible to watch. These small moments of triumph will boost their confidence as they face more physical challenges in the years ahead. 

I was concerned that lessons would be tricky for my four-year-old to focus on and prepared to pull her aside if she needed a break. I was pleasantly surprised that she was very into the entire experience. There were lots of elements that helped both of my kids stay focused:

  • bright dots on the floor helped them to know where to stand
  • they had a chance to review the proper form before actually hitting a ball
  • our instructor was incredibly patient and positive and worked closely with them
  • the class was long enough for them to learn something new but short enough to keep their attention 

Tennis Lessons provided my children with a sports experience that will be foundational to their athletic training. Not to mention, they each had a blast and were begging to return to something useful for their growth and development. #momwin  

To learn more about Junior Tennis Programs at CHHRC please call (856) 208-6517 or click here. Spring registration is open now & they even have a BOGO sale!

Christina Acosta-Martinez is a passionate community builder for moms, wife, mama, postpartum doula, and faith-driven leader. 

 She founded Growing Up Gorgeous, LLC, to provide a diverse community of moms with a one-of-a-kind support system. Currently meeting in South Jersey, this group of women spends time laughing, crying, learning, and sharing their dreams. 

 She is proud to host unique local events that are known for providing authentic relationships, beneficial resources, and self-care experiences for moms in the area.     

 Christina has been married to Miguel for eight years. When she’s not chasing her three girls, she is learning how to cook plant-based meals and taking long walks through the beautiful aisles of Target.