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Launching Love!

I spend my days educating the youth of America.  I mention this because not only am I a teacher, but I am a special education teacher.  I take enormous pride in being a special education teacher. I often think that Bravo would have a very successful show if they aired The Real Teachers of Special Education. Our days are funny and light-hearted – yet very hard. Every lesson is a complicated dance that needs to be choreographed way ahead of time but also needs to be flexible enough to change at the drop of a hat.  


Now switch gears to working out . . .  A LOT of things go through my mind while my heart rate is 158bpm and I’m trying to keep up with Laurie in Group Active. Especially, when she’s in one of her, “land it and explode” routines.  Or when Dana is telling us to reach for the 100th Pilates Roll-Up. As my mind wanders… I think about teaching. I love being the “student” in a CHHRC class.  However, this is the first time in my life I have ever felt that way.  So, I started to wonder why. Why am I so comfortable here vs. other gyms?  Why now, when I am older and have bad knees, do I have the confidence to push harder and farther? Then I realized the WHY is actually HOW! CHHRC presents their MOSSA Group launches the same way I teach my kids.  


I am going to dissect how CHHRC implements their MOSSA Group launches, which in turn, will be a crash course into planning an amazing lesson as a teacher. 

  1.  They prepare everyone by giving them ample notice of an upcoming challenge- in the case New Launches (flyers, posters, social media, email – you name it)
  2. During the launch class, they have several instructors teaching.  In a classroom, this is called Co-Teaching. At CHHRC, one instructor is leading the exercises, one is in the middle guiding members and the third is like that extra set of hands that jumps in where needed, helping with new moves or challenging sequences.  All three are watching to make sure everyone is safe and using proper form. Having that safety net makes me comfortable and ready to work hard!
  3. After the official launch class, they continue the same routine for 4-6 weeks.  The repetitive nature of the class gives you the opportunity to build strength & improve every week.  
  4. Also, when you know what to expect, you have the confidence to push harder. You know the music, what moves you will be doing, and how long you’ll be doing them. Those are the type of expectations teachers post on their boards. It helps prepare the students, so they can produce their best work.  
  5. Like all great curriculums, instructors at CHHRC cycle back to past launches after 6 weeks.  This change helps our bodies and minds to reach new levels, yet there’s a sense of comfort knowing we’ve done this release in the past. 


The perfect launch leads to the perfect workout.  Come join me for any of the January MOSSA launches at CHHRC! You won’t regret it!