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Love Thyself

I like the idea of Galentine’s Day. Women celebrating their friends and fellow womankind. It should happen more often.


In my first post, I mentioned that I was on a bit of a fertility journey. It has changed how I see my body and how I care for it. I gained upwards of 40 lbs when I was pregnant with my daughter almost four years ago. In the last two years I have lost all of it and more in hopes of conceiving again. I was at the gym at least three days a week and kept a very strict diet.


What I realize now is that while I was fit and thin, I was living my whole life focused on this one goal, with blinders on to everything else. I didn’t go to events or outings that would have food I didn’t want to consume. I didn’t go out much, because I wasn’t drinking, even though I knew that no one really cared whether I was or not, I just didn’t want to have to explain it. I was depriving myself of a social life, which for a social person like me, came pretty close to cancelling out all the health benefits my physical conditioning.


I now see that it’s about balance.


In order to stay healthy- not just physically, but mentally and spiritually healthy- I needed to loosen the reins on life. I now serve my body, but no longer at the expense of the rest of me. I eat ice cream or have a glass of wine when I’m moved to. I am also starting to dip my toes into the world of meditation to rest and recenter my mind. It gives me the tools to enjoy the now-  where I am and what I have in life now and not the constant focus on where I want to be.  


It has taken some time to find my groove at CHHRC as I figure out the place physical fitness holds for me now. I used to like exercising alone, but I’m now drawn to classes for the camaraderie (and music!) in part because I currently lack the discipline to go it alone. I tried Pilates, but am looking to combine the strength workout Pilates provides with the movement of a cardio workout. I went to my first class this week, MOSSA Group Core, and am hoping to start my Valentine’s Day off with a Zumba class.  


Maya Angelou once said, “As you grow older, you will realize that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” I will further add that I have realized that if I am not caring for myself, my whole self, I’m not as able to help others. 


Love yourself more- mind, body, and spirit. I’m trying it in small ways every day. Give yourself time.


We, women, love and care for our partners, our parents, our children, our friends, let’s move ourselves up higher on the list, ladies. 


Happy Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day to me/us!