Rules & Regulations

Member Check-in:

Members must present their membership card to check in at the service desk.

Guest Check-in:

Guests must pay the appropriate guest fee upon checking in at the service desk. Guests may visit as many as times in a year. All guests must register in the Cherry Hill guest log and provide a current driver’s license.

Membership Card Replacement:

If you lose your card, Cherry Hill requires a $10 fee for replacement.

Jr. Responsibility:

As part of our commitment to family fitness, we help kids learn the correct way to work out. The Jr. Responsibility program covers safety, form, technique and etiquette. It’s offered to the children of full facility members and those paying the applicable guest fee. Children ages 12-15 are eligible, and there is no extra charge!

Children ages 12-13 may use the sport court when no games, clinics and/or lessons are in session; the cardiovascular machines in the fitness center; and the tennis courts (all court fees apply).

Children ages 14-15 may use all of the above plus the free weights and the strength machines, and they may participate in group exercise classes.

All children ages 12-15 must have a member parent in the club who is responsible for their good behavior and actions. Those children who abuse this privilege will lose it.

Wristbands MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES by all Jr. Responsibility participants and paying guests ages 12-15. Wristbands are issued at the service desk after checking in. Those not wearing a wristband will not be allowed access to the fitness and sports facilities. Children ages 12-13 must wear orange wristbands, and children ages 14-15 must wear green wristbands. All guests 18 years and younger must wear yellow wristbands when they’re not in a structured program, class or staff supervised activity.

Guests who are 12-15 years (parent supervised) are not eligible for Jr. Responsibility until they become members. Guests will be limited to the areas they can use in the fitness center for their own safety. These guests must wear wristbands at all times.

No one under age 12 is permitted in the fitness center.

No one under age of 12 is permitted in the sport court, racquetball or tennis areas unless a member parent or a CHHRC program coordinator is directly supervising the child.

Tennis Use:

Children 12 and under may play tennis and racquetball in a club-supervised program or with adult members. Courts must be previously booked or use walk-on privileges. Court fees apply. View our Junior Tennis Rules and Regulations here.


The lockers in the front locker area are for DAILY USE ONLY. Please bring your own lock for our daily-use lockers. Any locks left on at night will be marked by our closing staff and cut the next morning. Please use the temporary lockers in the hallway outside the ladies room to store your belongings. Do not leave belongings unlocked. Members will be expected to provide their own locks to secure their valuables. Locks are available for purchase at the service desk. Wallet lockers are also available at no charge for your personal belongings. Cherry Hill reserves the right to remove locks after closing and dispose of remaining articles on a daily basis. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles.


Towel service is available through the club for a yearly fee payable to the service desk.  Members and guests may also rent towels for a daily fee. Towels must be returned to the service desk after use. Cleaning towels are available on the fitness floor with accompanying disinfectant spray to clean equipment after use. 


Cherry Hill recommends comfortable and appropriate exercise clothing to be worn during all exercise activities. CHHRC reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all exercise attire.

Fitness Center: 

Athletic apparel and shoes are required.

Children ages 10-12 are only permitted to use the free weights and weight machines with a personal trainer or in a club-supervised program. They are permitted to use the cardio machines and functional training/ab area. *** See Below

Children ages 13-14 are permitted to use the entire fitness center. *** See Below.

Children ages 15-17 are permitted to use the entire fitness center without a parent or legal guardian, but they must still complete the Jr. Responsibility Program.

  • Re-rack weights after use.
  • No throwing medicine balls against any wall.
  • Wipe down machines with disinfectant after use.
  • Ensure proper safety when using equipment; i.e., use safety pins in weight machines and do not bang weights.
  • The use of Flex Bands and exer-tubes is at your own risk. Please consult a staff member if you need assistance.
  • Good order, decorum and consideration of the rights and comforts of others must be observed at all times.
  • Please use cell phones in the lobby or outside the club so other members’ privacy and enjoyment is ensured.
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Throw trash away.
  • No roughhousing or cursing.
  • No spitting on the floor.
  • Treat fellow members and Cherry Hill staff with respect.

*** Provided they are full facility members, have completed the Jr. Responsibility program, and have a parent or legal guardian in close proximity.

Special Events:

Cherry Hill will offer clinics, tournaments, lectures, demonstrations, special events and other activities for our members and respectfully reserves the right to set aside specific areas of the building for these purposes with advance notification for our members’ convenience.

Policy Changes:

In the event of any changes in policies and procedures/services concerning the operations of Cherry Hill, a posting will be made for our members’ convenience and understanding.

Solicitation on the Premises:

Solicitation of products or services in any form is prohibited in the club or on the club’s property by members, guests or employees, unless pre-arranged through the Cherry Hill marketing department.


In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our members, the club has established a code of conduct for its members and guests. The club reserves the right to revoke membership or expel an individual for any improper conduct (as defined by management) in the club. Specific infractions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fighting or horseplay
  • Use of offensive language
  • Spitting
  • Behavior that is deemed by management as offensive or disrespectful
  • Unauthorized solicitation and/or distribution
  • Failure to pay a club bill on a timely basis
  • Theft or damage of club property, including towels

In all cases regarding conduct, the club determines the acceptability of such conduct as it relates to continuance of membership.

Violations of Rules and Regulations:

If any member willfully and knowingly violates any of the regulations listed above or herewith posted, Cherry Hill may terminate that member’s right to use the facilities and services. Cherry Hill will not be responsible for refunds of enrollment fees or dues because of termination.

Compliments and Critiques:

The Cherry Hill team welcomes your suggestions at any time. You’re encouraged to use the comment cards located throughout the club to communicate your ideas, or simply speak with a manager at any time.