Adult Tennis

Beginner Tennis Drill

This drill is for adult players new to tennis or returning to the court after an absence. The beginner tennis drill introduces the fundamental strokes of tennis including the serve, ground strokes and volleys. The goal of this class is to improve each player’s strokes, learn to rally, understand the rules of tennis and have fun!

Adult Tennis Drills

CHHRC is renowned for its fun and fast paced Adult Drills. All drills include a ground stroke warm up, volley and overhead practice followed by fun games, match situations and doubles strategy…all while getting a great workout. The Intermediate Tennis Drill attracts players at the 3.0/3.5 level who want to focus on singles and doubles strategy, consistency and point play. The Adult Advanced Drill is reserved for Men and Women who compete at the 4.0 and above level. It is a high-energy, intense drill for serious tennis players who want to improve their singles and doubles tactics.

Unsure of your level of play?  Contact Carol MacLennan at 856.429.1388 x167 or email [email protected]

Women’s Drill

This drill is exclusively for Women. It is perfect for the 3.0 – 4.0 player who has established a consistent game and wants to play against equally leveled players and have fun! There is emphasis on strokes as well as doubles strategy, court position and shot selection.

Cardio Tennis

Join us for Cardio Tennis, a high energy, fast paced hour on the court that combines the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, giving you the ultimate calorie burning aerobic workout! All levels are invited to play. Bring your heart rate monitor and your water bottle!