Cat Club Challenge

Parisi Cat Club Challenge

The Parisi Cat Club Challenge is a motivational scoring, evaluation, testing, and training program that ranks and charts the progress of athletes in our program. There are eight levels, starting at Bobcat and ascending to Cheetah. Cheetah status is the ultimate goal for athletes in our program.

Parisi Cat Club Challenge Dates

Cat Club Challenges are held every other month, the third Monday of the month at 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Click here to learn more about Parisi Cat Club Challenge.

Cat Club Challenge Scoring

Once athletes receive their scores, their names are placed at the appropriate level on the Cat Club Board. Athletes and parents can check their current position and monitor improvement throughout the program. Take the test and see where your land on our exclusive Cat Club Board today!

How the Parisi Cat Club Challenge Works

Athletes received their placement score from the six-item test given at an evaluation post-test. The placement score determines an athlete’s corresponding level in the Cat Club. This test includes:

  • Laser-timed 10-yard and 20-yard dashes
  • Vertical jump
  • 5/10/5 shuttle drill
  • 5 hops test
  • Chin up test

These tests were selected because there is a direct correlation between success on these tests and athletic success in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, track and lacrosse.

Cat Club Levels

Program sessions offer an energetic, friendly and competitive environment that includes:


This is the elite level for athletes in our Parisi Speed School program. This prestigious title represents the standard for athletes to aspire to while training in our program. Athletes at this level demonstrate the highest level of performance.


Indicates a high level of performance. Athletes who attain this level demonstrate great athletic aptitude, and continued fine-tuning of their abilities can push them to the final level.


This is the bridge to high-level performance. Athletes at this level demonstrate a high quality of movement that can be refined to achieve optimal scores.


This is the bridge to high-level performance. Athletes at this level demonstrate a high quality of movement that can be refined to achieve optimal scores.


This is the midpoint of Cat Club scoring. Athletes are now primed to move to a higher level of performance.


This level indicates that fundamental abilities are present but must be refined for higher movement on the Cat Club Board. Attention to basic bio-motor characteristics is critical to progress to higher levels.


Young athletes need the same attention and structure in physical fitness that adults do. At Parisi, we understand that. The Cougar program is our junior fitness program for children wishing to stay physically fit. Call today for a free no-obligation consultation!


This is the beginning program for our athletes, at the start of their Parisi training experience. These athletes focus on basic fundamental abilities.