Playing basketball isn’t just fun, it’s a great workout! Our beautiful basketball court makes CHHRC the best place in Cherry Hill for basketball.

The benefits of playing basketball include burning calories, building strength and endurance, and improving coordination and concentration. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Pickup basketball games are open and FREE to all members!

Pickup Basketball Schedule

  • Morning Pickup: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6-7:30am
  • Lunchtime Pickup: Weekdays 11:30am-1:30pm

Pickup is open to CHHRC members only. No free guest passes allowed.

Youth Basketball Program

Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club offers basketball opportunities for every kid, making us the best in youth basketball in Cherry Hill and the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware area.

Kids take to our courts to learn and refine their basketball skills through practice and competition in the fun and safe environment of our coed youth basketball programs. Our coaching staff has significant experience playing and coaching basketball and know how to bring out the best skills and sportsmanship in your kid.

Our year-round youth basketball program, including a Kiddie Court to introduce the youngest players to the game, skills clinics, summer camp, private training, small group training, and speed and strength training are all designed to help master the basics and add finesse and sophistication to your kid’s game, and to lay a solid foundation for fun and competition.

For those looking for experience playing and competing, youth leagues are held for kids of ages 6 all the way through high school. High-level players can try out for the AAU travel teams as a way to gain experience playing with and against the most talented players in the area.

Our youth basketball programs are a great way to develop students into better all-around athletes and make friends!

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