Pickleball and Handball

Pickleball at Cherry Hill

Pickleball and handball in South Jersey are growing in popularity! Players are gravitating to our courts – come find out what the craze is all about.

Pickleball combines the agility of tennis, the widespread appeal of badminton, and the addictiveness of ping pong. Anybody can play this game as singles or doubles, and it’s even widely taught in schools’ physical education classes nowadays – but it’s challenging enough that you’ll have to work to master it.

Come join us Sunday afternoons for pickleball!

  • Member fee: $5
  • Non-member fee: $10

(Game times may vary depending upon the season; see our registration form below and let us know you’re coming!)

Click here to sign up today. Want to learn more about pickleball in Cherry Hill? Contact Kim at kimmer123@verizon.net

Handball at Cherry Hill

Handball, on the other hand, was invented a full century ago and has stood the test of time. Already popular elsewhere in the world, the US has started to discover why people are so fanatical about it. This lacrosse-like game foregoes the sticks and uses – you guessed it – the hands to pass and shoot the ball.

We have a core group of handball players at CHHRC hanging out near the racquetball courts (they call them handball courts) that can be identified by their gloves and the fun they have as a group while playing and socializing at the club. They would be happy to introduce you to the game!
For schedules and other information on trying out handball, contact Laura Kelly at lkelly@chhrc.com or 856-429-1388 x129.


Handball players at Cherry Hill can be identified by the gloves they wear while hanging out by the racquetball courts (they call them handball courts) and by the fun they have as a group while playing and socializing at the club.

If you’d like to get introduced to the game or to any of our handball players, please contact our service desk manager, Laura Kelly, at lkelly@chhrc.com or 856.429.1388 x129 and she will give you playing days, names and contact information.