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Ten Non-Scale Victories We Love

When people first think about working out, it’s usually because they want to lose weight. But what happens when the pounds don’t fall off as quickly as we hoped? Shifting your perspective to measuring your success in non-scale victories is the best way to quit playing games with your heart.



1. More Energy!

Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. You may have to drag yourself out of bed for that 5:30 AM class, but you’ll be more productive for the rest of the day! Who needs coffee? (We still need coffee.)



2. It Gets Easier to Eat Healthy

The more fit you feel, the more you start to view food as fuel. And the more you start to realize the choices you make will impact you far longer than just into the next day. Is this handful of Goldfish half-marathon approved? Does Michael Phelps eat bagels with gobs of cream cheese for breakfast every day? Does Megan Rapinoe swim in a chocolate fountain? I mean, she should. Maybe those are bad examples.



3. You Start to Notice Your Clothes Fit Looser

Nothing baffles the brain more than watching the scale refuse to budge, but your shorts are falling down. Baffling as it may be, it’s an exciting milestone! Hopefully this is something you come to realize in the privacy of your own home, though, and not in public or something. That would be awkward.


4. You’re Losing Inches

Once your pants fall down a couple of times, you may be tempted to pull out the measuring tape. If you’re still struggling to shove the scale in the back of the closet where it belongs, start tracking your inches lost. It is so much more satisfying than penciling in your pounds week after week. And if you’re getting fit with the intention of changing the way you look in the mirror, this is the stat to focus on.



5. One (Loose) Ring to Rule Them All

You’ve noticed your clothes are looser. You’ve busted out the measuring tape. Now it’s time to dig out that ring that’s been sitting in your jewelry box for God knows how long and try it on… AND. IT. FITS. Skipping second breakfast is finally starting to pay off.



6. More Endurance

Maybe you’ve just ran a full mile without stopping for the first time. Maybe you’ve been able to finally make it through an entire MOSSA Group Power class without skipping a rep. Maybe you’ve just made it up the stairs without being winded. Either way, you can thank all the hard work you’ve been putting in for the extra endurance you’ve found!



7. You’re Getting Stronger

Not only are you doing more reps, but you’ve added weight to your bar. You’ve increased the resistance on you bike at Cycle GroupEx. You’re running faster. You’re Beyonce.



8. You’re in a Better Mood

In the famous words of Elle Woods, J.D.:


9. You Find Yourself Wanting to Work Out

Gone are the days of wanting to binge on Netflix and pizza all day. Now you’re waking up itching to get to your favorite class, or hit the pavement for a nice long ride or run. You are working in your life around your fitness instead of the other way around, which – spoiler alert – wasn’t working out so well before. It also gives you an hour away from the children, which is a pretty good incentive all it’s own.



10. You Inspire Others

Remember when you first joined the gym with your bestie just as something to do together? And then your runner friend talked you into signing up for your first 5K? And then you started to feel like more of an athlete-athlete and less like a freelance-athlete? And then your friends joined the gym because of you? And signed up for a half marathon because of you? YOU are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!