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Youth Tennis Programs
for All Ages and Levels

Tennis Programming for ages 3-18

Children start learning in a structured environment that includes classes divided by age and skill level as well as courts and equipment tailored to their size. As they get older and more skillful, classes get more challenging and they start using standard-sized equipment. CHHRC also offers Summer camps which provide opportunities for intensive learning and fun!

Tennis Programs for Ages 3-18

We’ve completely restructured our junior tennis programs to create tennis lessons designed for kids 10 and under. We now offer seven different levels of 10 and Under clinics. We use different balls, different nets and different-sized courts depending on the class. We also offer kids the opportunity to participate in match play and tournaments.

While children are having fun and playing with friends they’re learning a new sport in a way that feels comfortable and familiar. Our kids gain confidence and build better skills in a sport they can play for a lifetime!

Our new developmental and teen developmental tennis programs give older children the chance to learn the game of a lifetime. We also offer clinics for intermediate and advanced players who love the game and want to get better and/or compete on high school teams and in tournaments. We teach technique, movement, tactics and mental tips to help them perform at their best—all while having fun.

Private/Semi Private Youth Tennis Lessons & Clinics

Private tennis lessons are available for all players, both members and nonmembers. Private tennis lessons are personally arranged with the tennis pro of your choice. To schedule a tennis lesson, please call Rick Hoffmann at 856.429.1388 x166 or email rhoffmann@chhrc.com

(Prices are Per Person & Nonmembers have an Additional $10 guest fee)

Lessons30 Min60 Min90 Min
1 Person$60$100$145
2 Person$35$55$80
3 Person$40$55
Private Clinics60 Min90 Min120 Min
4-6 Juniors$45$60$70

Private Lesson Packages for Members Only

Buy 10 hour private lessons upfront get one free: $1000 (paid in full)
Buy 10 half hour private lessons upfront get one free: $600 (paid in full)

High Performance Tennis

This is an invitation-only program.  Discover, train, develop and produce the best talent in the country. Our visionary program is for the more committed players who want to reach their highest potential. Whether your goal is to achieve the highest rank nationally or internationally, represent the US tennis team, play college tennis (D1, D2, D3), or play high school varsity, our program will provide the tools necessary to reach your desired level.

We will match your true dedication to tennis and this program by providing you with the most advanced and elite training system.

We offer this program at a young age to ensure talent is nurtured from the beginning, positive tennis habits are created, and the correct technique is established which will set a solid foundation and make future goals more achievable.

The program will be tailored to both older and younger kids based on learning styles and skill level. Younger kids will experience an engaging, fun, and interesting environment while developing technique. Older kids will focus on strategy, mentality, physical aptitude, and point play.

We understand that a great athlete cannot be built without a great team, and the core of it is the connection between the player, the coach, and the parents. We want parents to be engaged while understanding the distance athletes required in order to take ownership of their own tennis. We will offer video analysis and profiles for all players in the program as well as a monthly meeting for parents.

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