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The Road to Fitness (first stop, Keith)

I’m no stranger to exercise. I’ve run races, including one full marathon. I used to teach yoga. I’ve done countless hours of T25. But after three kids, things have…softened.


I used to be able to stay on top of it, because I freelanced and primarily worked from home. But now I’m full-time, in Philadelphia. Add three kids to that and I have virtually zero free time – unless I want to cut into my beauty rest, which I do not.


So along comes Lisa, she’s the head of marketing at the Racquet Club. She posts – anyone interested in writing a blog in exchange for a membership? I think, THIS. This is just the motivation I need.


I already had a tennis membership but had yet to explore what else the Club offered. I decide my first foray back into having muscles would be a personal trainer session.

Due to availability and the kind of trainer I was looking for (one that would kick my *ss), I ended up with Keith. I knew nothing about him, outside of his name, before we met.

Within five minutes I knew
there was no way I was stopping at two sessions!


I didn’t have to think about what I needed to do next. I didn’t even need to count my own reps. This may sound lazy (no wonder she has no muscle mass) but when you work a high stress job and have three kids under 10, not thinking is like vacation.


Now, what did we actually do? Well, he started me on the Queenax. It’s a big Ninja Warrior like contraption with straps and bands and it allows you to just use your own weight as resistance. He was testing me. Wanted to see just how out of shape I was. Keith himself would never say this, he’s much too positive for that sort of talk.


I guess I did okay, because we moved to the actual weight machines. I did all “pulling exercises.” He pushed me, but not so hard I felt like I might get hurt, just harder than I would have pushed myself.

In the end I felt sweaty and satisfied. Yup.


The next day I thought I’d be sore. I was a little sore. But two days later, I had to roll out of bed like I was nine-months-pregnant because I couldn’t use my stomach muscles. At all. They were mush. It was awesome.


Tonight is session number two. We’re doing all “pushing exercises,” and I could not be more excited. My stomach muscles have other feelings about the matter.


(Bottom line: If you want to get your butt back into shape, by a perfectly lovely human being, ask for Keith.)