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Try a class, then try it again!

Speaking from the perspective of a total novice when it comes to participating in classes in a gym, attending a class workout can be totally intimidating and overwhelming, right? Do you feel the same? Going into a new environment, doing something I’ve never done before, and doing it all in front of people that I don’t necessarily already know scares the heck out of me. It’s like the first day of school jitters all over again! You know what, though? As uncomfortable as it can be to start something new, I survived each and every one of those “first day jitters,” so, in the last month, I figured it was time to conquer that fear and start taking some classes at Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club.


Years ago, like yearrrrrrs ago, I took a Zumba class and, while I survived, it was an experience I chose not to repeat. I went to the class in baggy shorts and a bright red huge shirt, stayed in the back of the room, and did my best to keep up with the instructor. Wearing that red shirt made me feel like the center of attention even though I was in the back of the room. Those clothes were my “work in the yard” clothes and I did not feel confident in them at all. Who knows if anyone even realized I was wearing that shirt, but that experience has since stuck with me. These days, I’m chalking that experience up to not being comfortable in my own skin and not being ready to participate in a group class and that’s ok.


Elizabeth Dukart in front of a mirror at the Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club wearing a "eat blog sleep repeat" t shirt
Messy bun, getting it done! I made sure I was comfortable and confident for my first CHHRC Zumba class!

I decided to give the CHHRC Zumba class a go a few weeks ago when a good friend of mine asked me to go with her to the class. Usually, I’m more of a “keep to myself, walk on a treadmill or do weights while listening to a podcast through my earbuds” kind of gym person, but I decided to attend a class with her and, let me just say that I am SO happy I decided to do that!


We picked a date and agreed to attend that class together because, doing something “scary” is always “less scary” when you do it with a friend, right? RIGHT! This time, I made sure to put some cute leggings on and a shirt that fit me better than that gosh-awful red tent I wore last time. In my mind, the first step to having a positive experience was to start off feeling good about myself.


When the date arrived, my friend and I both got to CHHRC about 20 minutes early so we could stretch and get ready for the class. The women’s section of the gym was perfect for this since it’s right next to the Zumba classroom. I mean, I’m sure the general gym area would work great, too, but the women’s section was perfect for us. We stretched, we chatted, we hydrated…then, we walked into the classroom.


For the next hour, we moved and grooved our bodies into a pretty satisfying workout. But it was FUN…it didn’t even seem like a workout. You guys…Zumba is a legit workout. I was sweating and various parts of my body were hurting afterward, but I still felt pretty awesome. Chalk it up to increased confidence, or my outfit, but CHHRC knows what they’re doing when it comes to classes. Now, to be totally and completely honest, I did leave that class feeling a little overwhelmed and out of sorts and that’s totally to be expected when trying something new. I wasn’t familiar with all the “moves” or the music, but I still did my best to keep up and did have fun. And, you know what? The atmosphere was a positive and supportive one and I totally appreciated that.


The next week, my friend and I gave Zumba another go. This time, the regular instructor was replaced by a substitute. We still had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to experience the class with a different instructor. Even better? I was comfortable and was starting to get the hang of the various movements and songs that were playing!


What’s my point? Don’t give up. If you want to do something, do it! If you are struggling with attending a class at CHHRC, try out some of these suggestions:


  • Try a class with a friend
    • Trying something new can seem less intimidating when you include a familiar element. In this case, that familiar element is a friend!
  • Make sure you are comfortable
    • Like they say for job interviews, “dress for success!” Wear workout clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good! If you are concerned with how you look, you will be distracted with that!
  • Try a few options
    • Try the “same” class a few times with different instructors. You may feel more comfortable with one instructor than another. Consider taking an evening class versus a morning class or vice versa to find the best fit for you. Don’t give up! Did you know that the MOSSA classes actually don’t let you give up until you’ve tried 3 classes? I love that you have to give MOSSA a good, real try before you can give up!
  • Try another class
    • Have your heart set on Zumba, but not really feeling it after a few classes? Try something else! There are plenty of classes to choose from! Try something out of your comfort zone because you could end up loving it!

That being said, get out there and try some classes at CHHRC! Believe in yourself and give it your all – you may surprise yourself!


See you at the gym!



Elizabeth Dukart is a proud born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 boys.

Created in 2018, Elizabeth owns and publishes South Jersey Family: a free resource allowing local families can enjoy quality time together with the help of a local events & activities calendar, local reviews & recommendations, and more. She loves hanging out in the Real Moms of South Jersey Facebook Group and planning get-togethers in the area! Instagram , Facebook , and Pinterest are her favorite forms of social media. In addition, Elizabeth helps to empower local women by co-leading the Cherry Hill Believe Inspire Grow Pod through monthly meetings and a Facebook Group

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