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Where My Big Girls At?????

You guys!!!!!!  I have big news!!!!!  I am still exercising at least 7 hours a week!!!!  In December of 2018, I decided to make physical health a priority.  For about a year, I was figuring out what number priority it was in my life — for a good part of that year, it was like number 10 on that list.  It came after napping, playing on my phone, and any other not physical thing I could do in my life. But I have made small changes which have resulted in me kicking butt 7 hours a week!  



And when I say kicking butt, I am FOR REAL kicking butt!  In specific classes, I am up at the front of the class — SOMETIMES ON THE STAGE!!!!  In Groove and Centergy, I am front and center. I know the moves and I am confident in my execution (to the best that my body allows).  In Active, Power, and Core, I’m still in the back. I am not super confident in my abilities there, but I AM THERE which is the hardest part of the battle.  


Just to be clear, I am still a big girl.  I have a long way to go. My body is definitely changing.  My clothes, my energy, those things make me feel like a different person.  The scale…we all know how I feel about that evil device (check out a prior blog post regarding my love for the scale). The scale is slowly moving.  Each class I attend, I ask myself, “How did I become a “regular” at these challenging gym classes?”  And I think I finally figured it out. So I am going to give a little “how-to guide for big girls at the gym”.


First things first – get there!  Come to class with me! I know it sounds nuts but I go to the very first class of the day.  Tuesday through Friday you can find me at the 5:30 am or 5:45 am classes at CHRRC. I set my alarm for 5 am.  I keep some vitamin water by my bed, and the second my alarm goes off I take a drink to wake me up. I typically will sit for two minutes contemplating going back to sleep, but I always rationalize that sleeping for twenty more minutes will only make me feel bad while exercising for an hour will make me feel good in more ways than one.


As much as I love going to the gym, I only love going first thing.  If I can’t get there first thing, I start to dread it. I come up with any excuse in the world to not go.  Last week, my son was sick and I couldn’t go first thing. I was going to go to a night class. I did not end up going because I told myself it was too windy!!!!!  Seriously, Levin???!!!!!!


Set everything out the night before! This way,  all I do is get in my gym clothes, grab my work clothes bag, lunch bag, and school bag and hop in the car.  I may be late, but I am there!  I started going to two classes a week, but then I realized if I go to the gym before anyone in my house wakes up, then I don’t have to deal with the morning non-sense.  I have worked my way up from two classes a week to FIVE classes a week!  Its better for my health in more ways than one.  


Modify! I have stopped and started all types of exercise programs so many times that I can modify almost any move in my head.  I have bad knees and lately, I’ve been struggling with my arches, too. So I modify when I need to. I pay attention because the instructor will always give a modification but if I need more than that I know they are monitoring me to make sure that I am doing the right thing.  I always feel safe and protected in these classes. They do not judge me for being big, they are excited to see all my energy in spite of my size. It keeps me going. If you come to class with me, I can give you a modification until your body works up to the next level.  


I go on the weekends, too!  If 5:30 am is too aggressive for you then come hang with me at 9:45 am on Saturdays at Groove.  We can do this together!!!!


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