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Who says you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?

It is almost my one year anniversary of getting my wellness life together.  There have been a bunch of ups and downs.  The internal struggle is real. The part of my brain that knows what I need to eat and when I need to work out is always mouthing off to the part who loves ice cream, pizza, and napping.  The bad news – I have lost and gained the same 10 pounds . . . twice.  The good news – my weight never got higher than when I joined CHHRC, and I am currently tied for my lowest weight since joining.  


I got word that my favorite CHHRC class GROUP CENTERGY was now offered at a new time slot . . .  5:45 AM.  As a teacher, I have to be at school by 7am. I knew it would be tough, but I gave it a shot. I went to sleep an hour earlier the night, woke up 45 minutes earlier, brushed my teeth and jumped in the car.  I was so happy I did it! I love this class so much! And I burned 650 calories before 7 am. Not a bad way to start the day!  


Group Cenergy is a mix of pilates, flow yoga, and stretching – yet it’s fast-paced and a lot of fun.  And Dana, has such awesome energy. (You might remember Dana, from my Pilates blog). I am so glad I pushed myself to take this class. I had tons of energy all day, I did need an afternoon coffee to keep me going . . . but I felt good that I made myself a priority!  


I liked it so much, that now I’m now going to the 5:30am classes on Tuesday and Thursday!  I know its crazy and I often think I am dreaming, but now I am that person who is at the gym before the sun rises, and I love it!  And I’m not the only one! Check out this blog from another CHHC blogger who loves the early AM classes!


Come join me for Group Centergy every Wednesday morning at 5:45am. You won’t be disappointed.