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CHHRC offers the A1 Basketball 5 Phase Development Curriculum. This basketball program provides opportunities for every kid to learn and get better. It makes us the pillar in not only our Cherry Hill community but the entire Tri-state surrounding areas. Young Student athletes take to the program to learn and refine their basketball skills through detailed practices and competition in a fun safe environment. Each coach has years of basketball playing and coaching experience


A1 Basketball year-round Curriculum provides: Introduction to Basketball, Small Group Training, Semiprivate Training, Camp/Clinics, and basketball leagues for all ages. These programs are designed to help master the basics while adding sophistication to your child’s game. For the last decade, A1 Basketball has been the education and foundation for over 2000 players in our region. 


Cherry Hill offers skills clinics for ages 6-10 to teach the basics to those just starting out in the sport, as well as offer development to those who already have an understanding of the game. Sessions start with a warm-up and cardio, then students rotate from station to station working on skill development. Each session ends with games and contests. Our non-competitive Youth Basketball Skills Clinics are all about fun, exercise and learning.

Introduction to Basketball

Five Week Clinics designed for the players who are just starting out in their basketball development. This clinic is for those who never played basketball. It’s a great way to get introduced to the Al Basketball curriculum and build a solid foundation.


Time: 9:45am-11am 



January 21st – February 18th

February 25th – March 25th

April 1st – April 29th

May 6th – June 3rd

September 23rd – October 21st 

October 28th – December 2nd (Nov. 25th off) 

December 2nd – 30th 

Basketball Developmental Leagues

(Ten-Week Skill Development League) Session 1 & Session 2

The skill development league is for beginner-intermediate level players. The goal is to teach the concept of basketball along with skill enhancement. Over the course of the league, each player will go through a two-week introduction period.


All players will have 4 practices & 4 games. Practices will consist of skill training, team offense and defense continuity.

Players will be evaluated and placed on teams accordingly.

The league scheduled games and practices will take place on a rotating schedule. Each team will play and practice at different times based on the schedule each week.

Wednesday’s Below the Rim Division Phase 1

February 1st – April 5th (Ages 5-8) 1-2 Star


Friday’s Yellow Division Phase 2

February 3rd – April 7th (Ages 9-11) 2-3 star


Saturday’s Green Division Phase 3

February 4th – April 8th (Ages 12-15) 3-4 Star


Wednesday’s Below the Rim Division Phase 1

February 1st – April 5th (Ages 5-8) 1-2 Star


Friday’s Yellow Division Phase 2

February 3rd – April 7th (Ages 9-11) 2-3 star


Saturday’s Green Division Phase 3

February 4th – April 8th (Ages 12-15) 3-4 Star

Wednesday’s Below the Rim Division Phase 1

November 1st – January 17th (Ages 5-8) 1-2 Star

(Nov. 22nd, December 27th) OFF


Friday’s Yellow Division Phase 2

November 3rd – January 19th (Ages 9-11) 2-3 star

(Nov. 24th, December 29th) OFF 


Saturday’s Green Division Phase 3

February 4th – April 8th (Ages 12-15) 3-4 Star

(Nov. 25th, December 30th) OFF

Small Group
Training Lessons

Small Group Training provides the ratio of 4-7 players per coach. This setting provides each player with the right amount of attention to ensure that all players are progressing along with our curriculum.

4pm – 5pm (2-5 Star)

5pm – 6pm (1-2 Star) 

6pm – 7pm (1-3 Star) 

7pm – 8pm (3-5 Star) 

11am – 12pm (2-5 Star) 

Bronze (4) consecutive lessons 

Gold (8) consecutive lessons

Platinum (12) consecutive Lessons

Private Training

Students who want to step up their game can work one on one with our best trainers to improve their game and skills. Training is tailored specifically to a player’s individual needs so he or she will see results fast. All of our trainers have played high school and college basketball and several play professionally, so they’re well qualified to help you take your game to the next level!


Her Game Develops

Her game is a 5-week camp/clinic style program specifically designed for young female student athletes each and every Sunday powered by former female student athletes


(Session 1) 10:45am -12:15pm Ages: 5-8

[Session 2) 12:30pm – 2:00pm Ages: 9-16



2/5/23 – 3/5/23

3/12/23 – 4/9/23

4/16/23 – 5/21/23

6/28/23 – 6/25/23

10/8/23 – 11/5/23

11/12/23 – 12/10/23

Founder/CEO of A1 Basketball Fitness
Head of CHHRC Basketball operations
A1 Basketball & Fitness is a multi-faceted training program that simultaneously builds the mind and body. We empower our community and athletes of all ages by educating them about commitment, integrity and accountability. We offer basketball training, basketball development, speed and agility training, camps, clinics, showcases; educational resources, community and youth outreach

Coach Allen Pritchett is the founder/CEO of A1 Basketball Fitness, LLC. His program has developed countless middle school, high school and collegiate prospects, as well as professional basketball players.

Following his collegiate career, Pritchett went on to coach at the collegiate level as well as gaining NBA Player Developmental experiences with the Philadelphia 76ers affiliate team; and has been the “go-to” basketball training program for many male and female student athletes from various communities and organizations.

As a guard at Rowan University (2008-10) & Camden County Community College (2006-08) Pritchett was a Pre-season Junior College All American who nationally ranked 16th in scoring. Selected 2x All-Region 19, 2x All-Conference and was selected to the TOP 25 Collegiate Sophomore list for Junior College Players. Transferring to Rowan University Pritchett was an All-Conference player. He lead the conference and was nationally ranked in three point percentage shooting 45.3% and free throw percentage with 86.3%. He was chosen to play in the prestigious Sam Cozen Small College All-Star Game his senior year.

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